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The weekend

First of all, I got to go to my 2nd furry convention this weekend: Califur! It is a much smaller con than FurCon (there were only around 300 attending, where we had 2000+ at FurCon in January). But the good news is, Califur is only a 20-minute drive away in Irvine, so I didn't need to pay for a hotel room or gas for a long trip. :)

On friday morning, after working on them for about a week, I finally finished matching dragon tails for my two oldest boys, Jeffrey and Bryce. They were *very* happy with the tails, and wore them around the house proudly.

I went up to the con center in the morning and registered, walked around the con for a while, and met up with richard_renard and his brother. I've known Richard for a while here on LJ, but this was the first time I've met him in real life. That's me in the middle, with Richard on the left, and his brother Dave on the right.

Once the boys were out from school, I went home and picked them up and brought them to the con. I let them hang out with some of the fursuiters, and then we attended two drawing classes together: intro to art, and then an anatomy class.

After that, I wanted to take the boys to an ice cream social, but I found out (too late) that it was pre-pay only, so we couldn't get in. Instead, we went into the gaming room, where Jeffrey and Bryce got to play Rock Band and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. They both had a great time! I snapped a couple of pictures of some fursuiters *attempting* to play Rock Band, though they didn't do very well. :)

Before I took them home, I had Richard take a photo of the three of us together so you could see all of our tails. We got a number of comments from lots of different people about the fact that we were all walking around with matching tails. Even the workers at Burger King started talking back & forth in Spanish about our tails.

After I came back from taking the kids home, I met up with wolfbrothersong and redstar918. In talking with wolf, it came out that I've been a dungeons & dragons dungeon master for many years, so they asked me to run a D&D session with them. We got started at about 8:30 PM, and we didn't call it quits until 3:30 the next morning! It was loads of fun.

The next day, after about 4 hours of sleep, I went in to watch the fursuiter's "show & tell". Since Kimberly took the camera to Scout-o-rama that day, all I had was my cell phone camera, so the following pics are pretty poor quality.

It was fun to see the suiters up on stage, and some of those suits are *really* well done. I'll post some of the better pics that I got:

I met up with wolfbrothersong and redstar918 later that day, and they invited me to a Wii party that evening. Let me tell you, I've never had more fun playing Wii than I had that night.

One hotel room.
Three Nintendo Wiis.
Two Televisions.
One Projector.
Twelve Controllers.
Fourteen Guys.
Pizza, Drinks, Snacks.
Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
Mario Kart Wii.
Add in a GENEROUS helping of shouting, laughter, and cries of dismay when people got beat.

I really hope we didn't bother any of the other hotel guests or staff, but MAN, that was FUN!!

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